Here Comes May and the Challenge that Ate My Guts Last Year

I'm writing A Story A Day in May 2013! This is a new year.  I have revived my writing blog and have a plan. Moving forward with a overgrown attitude that I’ll kick butt this year by posting 31 stories.Bring on the prompts.  The ink well is filled, nibs sharpened and I am raring to smear some ink. Come by and read, comment, critique.  Wellington Writers, Boca Writers, Palm Beach Writers sign up for some insanity and fun.  Come on. is where you get a badge and sign up.  While you’re pondering your decision check out with Larry Brooks for how to stay in the game and keep the ideas flowing.

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Butterfly Soul Mates

Talespinner at Work

Perched in the garden swing among the birds visiting the feeder and the butterflies flittering about the tiger lilies, Cara read from her diary.  The edges of the paper were soft and frayed by time. She brushed a wisp of gray hair from her cheek and enjoyed the sun on her face.

She closed her eyes and  movies of her past played on.  Good, bad, happy sad; all of it.  She was hiking with Roger in the Andes, then she taught others the joy of finger spinning wool from lamas.  She showed Reed how to hold a flat rock just right for skipping across the lake.  Oh the lake, she spent half her life there.  Her grandfather taught her to dress the fish they caught and how to ready them for the iron skillet he set right in the coals.

Memories like these kept her company anymore.  She sat down each Sunday afternoon…

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Unsuspected Trigger

Story Building One Line at a Time

Photograph by gaelikka

An Unsuspected Trigger

I have looked forward to today for weeks. I wanted a day to sleep in, take a long walk, and hang on the porch, reading and kicking back.  I took up a comfy posture in my porch chair.  Blue sky, shade, and second floor perch to watch the day and read my book.  I was set.

I recognize the words; words pass but the images are from my past.  I flip the page back and read again, but half way down the page a different movie runs in my head.  I reach for my glass to break the distraction.  I like the fizz in the soda and let the cool slide down. But it doesn’t clear my thoughts. Focus. I turn a page and read, “ The boy threw stones across the water, waiting for his brother.”

There. There, that is the trigger. …

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Reading is Essential to Writing, Read Across the Genres

Book Review: Dark Life and Rip Tide by Kat Falls, 2010, 2011, YA SF, written by Lisa Combs


Kat Falls created an underwater world for 15 year old character Ty, his family and neighbors as an environment for their survival after a cataclysmic event causing the east coast off the US to crash into the ocean. In this setting, drama unfolds as the author takes you below the surface of the waves for mystery and suspense. She deftly knits ocean life, the wild west and super powers into adventure for the young adult population but don’t let that keep you not so YA readers from taking the plunge to read Kat Fall’s Dark Life and Rip Tide. Science about the geography of the ocean, life in the wild life of the ocean and instinct for human survival is her structure to deliver a great story. Kat Falls welds the pen with originality, clarity and fluidity. Within her tale, Ms. Falls brings current social issues to the surface concerning how to feed the masses, how to handle the ever growing pile of refuse and the age old dilemma human makes of who’s in charge, who can you trust, and how to get along. No spoilers here. Young Ty wrestles with innocence, right and wrong, consequences to his choices and an ever so slight romance. Ms. Falls has delivered a great read of science fiction for the Ya + audience.

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Writing is Writing, Write?

ImageI write nature programs for presentations in the park. Our current project is Butterflies/Moths and Their Plants. I have surfed the web for information, ideas and materials from which I can put a great kids progra together. It is not fiction but science fact I am after for this project. I enjoy the research and the bits I learn. I love putting together a sort of jigsaw collection of information for the kids so that they learn, are inspired and motivated. Of late, this is what has cosumed my writing time. But writing is writing, write? I mean, right!

Fun Facts: Butterflies don’t pee, technically. As they consume nectar, sugar liquids thier bodies process and comsume there’s no waste by product. Some adult moths don’t have mouths so they can’t eat. Caterpillar poo is called frass and is rich in nutrients as fertilizer for the butterfly garden. Caterpillars are plant specific for what they eat. Plant what they want to eat and they won’t eat your herbs. Yes, butterflies sleep.

So, writing is writing, right? And my characters can be grumpy for afew days so I can get this project under wraps. I have cranked out about 2,500 words on a WIP when taking a break from butterflies. And my characters have no reason to be grumpy. I have revived this blog. That I am writing, counts. The butterflies say so.

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Networking Blogs

Here is a bit of a challenge, network your blog.  Once at the page to do so, there are dialog boxes to fill in.  But wait, what is this one for?  Click the question mark and off you go to learn.  Got that, now go back to where I was inputting info.  Oh! Man! It’s gone.  Start over? RATS.  Okay, started over.  New question.  Nope.  Not clicking the question mark.  No more wild goose chase for me.  Continue, okay.  That worked. Cheers!  Next.  And that worked, too.

That is my summary of the process I went through to network my blog.  What now?  More bloggers from the writers’ critique group are encouraged to take the plunge.  With a network, we can blog hop, like, comment and support one another and build our following, perhaps.  All part of a thing our illustrious moderator calls PLATFORM.  We have to begin somewhere and this seems to be it!

Now, I am thinking this look a bit plain and needs to be jazzed up with an image, add a little color.  Oh, you know, that is another challenge I will address that shortly in a new post.  Afterall, no one is going to read forty pages.  Break it up into snippets because a blog stroll should be brief and fun, not laborious.  And before this one gets to that point~

Farewell for now, come back soon.

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Head Flops and Point of View

Fiction.  Narrative splashed with dialogue.  I ventured into the interior monologue.  Different for me but I was liking it.  Then a switch… to a different character in the same scene.  Gave her a bit of interior monologue.  And, yes, I flopped back into the previous character’s head.

The good bit is that this time when I did it, I caught it.  Now to figure out how best to improve it. The good old white space DROP works.  But sage wisdom tells me it is better to do more than the drop.  On it.  Working it out.  Who says writers’ don’t exercise!  My style of cross fit… Uh-uh, stop it, you are not laughing.  Oh yes, that is  you laughing.

Okay, goal #3 accomplished.  I get to go home early!

Remember, Plans are only plans.  Writing is about action.  Take the plunge, take some action in your writing.  Take some action in your life. Embrace adventure.

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