Hi, Lisa here.  I’m a writer, baker, teacher, storyteller, gardener (love canning fruits of the labors), secret keeper, listener, guitar plunker, dreamer, sister, aunt, star-gazer, blogger.

Southern gal moved all around.  Even ventured north to Milwaukee, WI for 12 years, and to NYC for two.  Love meeting new people, spending time with friends made long ago, company, visiting, table time is essential.  Table time is when I have a friend or many around the kitchen table for cuppa and a chat.

Teaching has propelled the calendar forward.  Love hearing from former students and families.  Love my pups, past and present.  Love email form real people, hand written letters, though are the all time best.

Fiction is my realm.  Enter here for a sliver of fiction. Not to worry, its fun, easy and calorie free! Comments feed the writer.

Story telling began for me when my  sister arrived on the scene.  I learned more from my Pop with his fanciful tales and shadow puppets on the sun porch.  Story writing began in letters to grandparents, if there was no news to share, I made up a story to tell. Later as a teacher teaching with stories became a way of the classroom as students rewarded me with their wonder and of love of stories. Fact or fiction, a story presentation works. I continue to build on that today. Worlds live within my imagination and characters are scrambling for space on a page for their chance to exist!


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  1. mcwoman says:

    LIsa – Just a note to thank you for deciding to subscribe to my blog. Reading this post about yourself, we have a lot in common–except I’m a northern girl. In fact, I live 20 minutes from Milwaukee. Small world. Thanks again. I’ll be back. Barbara

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