Missed by Lisa Combs

Missed    by Lisa Combs


Myrtle Partridge.  Good neighbor, good friend, all round good person.  Myrtle, selling at the church bizarre, serving pancakes to patriots at the VFW, seven consecutive volunteer of the year awards from the local nature center and she visited house bound citizens in need of company, a game of scrabble, or a few groceries delivered.  Myrtle was the one every one counted on, every one took for granted.  Until Tuesday when girls and Moms waited for Myrtle to deliver the Girl Scout cookies exclaiming, “ Its not like Myrtle to be late.  We need to get these cookies out there.  Wonder what is keeping her?”  She never showed, girls and moms retreated to homes where TV news and evening papers proclaimed:

Las Vegas novice first time gambler hits the big time.  From small town Ohio, Myrtle Partridge won 27 million dollars at the Roulette table in Vegas, went to the nearest travel agency, purchased a suite on the Queen Mary III.  Bon Voyage Myrtle.

Small town Ohio never saw or heard from Myrtle again. 



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Writer, reader, baker, teacher.
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