What, wattpad?

ImageWattpad is an online community of writers and readers.  Writers can post work in chapters, sellect covers, have followers, follow others, read from a long list of genres and authors. Readers love wattpad for the variety of at your finger tips reading material for all tastes and ages.  Writers like and dislike wattpad.  We like it as a forum for getting work out there and getting a feel of acceptance or rejection.  We don’t like it for the distraction it is from the preferred task and use of writerly time of actual writing.  Writers are compelled of late to spend more time developing the digital platform thought to be necessary for ‘getting out there’ than creating new work.  Face Book, Twitter, blogging, watt padding, following followers and participating in the newtwork to grow a reader base is intense.  How to manage it all is the challenge of the day for serious writers.

Florida Writers Association is a fabulous organization of writers helping other writers.  In line with that mantra, a member of FWA and of my particular critique group, Jade Kerrion spoke last week on what it takes to start the build of a digital platform, how to manage the time for each component and how they  loop to one another.  She took an over whelming topic and pared it down to something the not so techie savy can approach.  Watt pad wasn’t on her list butthen she is well published with a huge following with a strong digital platform.  She dosn’t need wattpad.

Here is my attempt to put myself out there a little further.  Broaden the digital platform a bit broader.  Find me at twitter as storybakerlisa, here at my blog, lisawritesfiction.wordpress.com and on wattpad as LD Rush (http://www.wattpad.com/home).  I know, pen names.  Why use them and how to create a good one.  That is another post for later.  Come on around to a few digital hangouts and see if you can find me in the act of spilling words, story building one line at a time.


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