Writers in Tune with Writers

Networking with other writers can be a tough gig sometimes.  We all have a schedule of some kind, family demanding attention and time.   Then, you gift yourself some writerly camaraderie.  After a critique group meeting earlier this month a few of us stepped out before dashing away home.  We raised our glasses in toasts for accomplishments, having a prodigal member of sorts amongs us, and to celebrate allowing ourselves some time off the timer clock together.  I came away with many bits and deepened friendships.  But it took one of these saged ones to lock on to a core piece of me as a writer. Let me explain.  I have a bread bakers’ blog (long neglected and now revived) and a writer’s blog. The wise one beyond years or an old soul as he describes himself offered, “You should put your two passions together and write a story to go in the package with your breads as part of the gift, STORY BREADS.”  An obvious strategy, you’d think I’d’ve (is there such a thing as a double contraction, Caryn?) thought of it ages ago.  Sometimes we are too close to our puzzle parts that we don’t put key pieces together.

Think you can do it alone?  I’m here to remind writers, you need other writers in your life to reflect back to you that which you are to close to see.

Check out my critique partner’s book~ https://www.facebook.com/ChristopherHawkeAuthor


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