Unsuspected Trigger

Story Building One Line at a Time

Photograph by gaelikka

An Unsuspected Trigger

I have looked forward to today for weeks. I wanted a day to sleep in, take a long walk, and hang on the porch, reading and kicking back.  I took up a comfy posture in my porch chair.  Blue sky, shade, and second floor perch to watch the day and read my book.  I was set.

I recognize the words; words pass but the images are from my past.  I flip the page back and read again, but half way down the page a different movie runs in my head.  I reach for my glass to break the distraction.  I like the fizz in the soda and let the cool slide down. But it doesn’t clear my thoughts. Focus. I turn a page and read, “ The boy threw stones across the water, waiting for his brother.”

There. There, that is the trigger. …

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